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While any agency can help carry you to the top of Google for a day or two, a strategically run video marketing campaign will put you ahead of your competitors in the long run. These are just a few reasons to get you thinking about what to look for in a professional production company. Why choose us?

Content marketing is much like the world of video; you may not realize what goes into making it work. Sure, sometimes, it’s fine to create a video in a coffee shop on a whim and a smartphone. But when you want the real deal, you need lights, cameras, grip equipment, experience, and liability insurance. How about reliable actors? Backup plans? This is where having an experienced in-house team in your corner becomes invaluable.

Built on Trust

Why choose Bakerbuilt Works? You can trust us to deliver the best possible content on time and at the agreed price because that’s what we do all the time. We have many satisfied customers who testify that our professionalism, creativity, and easy-going manner helped them build the best content plan for their budget, including video. Sure, you may find cheaper options, but at what cost to you in trust, headaches, and end results?

Built on Results

Evidence-based marketing works because today’s savvy customer prefers facts to hyperbole. Choosing Bakerbuilt Works starts with a strong foundation of measurable data and then builds a visual story that makes the numbers sing. By taking what’s real and making it relatable, we can win over hearts and heads alike.

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It’s a great time to start!

The results are substantial. Video drives engagement. That makes it a great stepping stone on your customers’ buying decision journey. Different videos can serve other purposes along that journey – from creating awareness to driving excitement to close the deal.

The various video production styles open a world of possibilities for your video creation. There are, however, with most creative videos, some baseline strategies that work.

As business and marketing consultants, you may need some ground-zero insight. What lies beneath all the possibilities, the colors, the shots, the animation, and so on?

It would help if you saw underneath it all into the guts of video production.

    •  1: Brand Story – This video shows viewers who you are by using your authentic voice as a business to communicate to your consumers.
    •  2: Spokesperson – A spokesperson is an individual who represents your company in your promotional video production.
    •  3: Product Showcase – Product showcasing is an age-old method of providing a visual presentation of your product and service and, in so doing, enticing them to buy.
    •  4: Testimonial / Case Study – The combination of the human element, the ‘word-of-mouth,’ and the natural inclination that people have to want what someone else has enjoyed—the testimonial video.

These are just some of the possibilities in creative video marketing. Are you interested in learning how to leverage video to get more customers?