We specialize…

In leveraging the power of empathy, expertise, and swift execution to set our clients’ minds at ease. In other words, using measurable data that speaks to the heart, we craft compelling content to help brands build relationships and grow.

Our experience.

Working with industries from the highly technical to non-profits has built a strong map for today’s marketing landscape. We don’t handle every aspect of the editorial calendar, but we do create web, written, and video content. And blowing minds delivering dynamic, creative storytelling rooted in demonstrable evidence is a common occurrence.

Our strategy is service.

Next, by understanding the needs of your customers, and respecting the needs of our clients, we produce content that’s both engaging and effective. We make it easy for clients to get the reaction they want.

Founded by Daniel A. Cardenas as Sierra Media in 1999, Bakerbuilt Works has evolved from a video production company to a video marketing firm and production studio. Although, we work with SMBs, enterprises, agencies, and non-profits to deliver effective solutions to the most common business challenge – connecting with customers is our goal.

Client we work with- Bakerbuilt Works

Our goal is your success.

We meet you where you are in the process, whether you’re trying to figure out what the challenge is, or you’re ready to pull the lever on video production. We can work with your team to find customized, individual solutions for your marketing needs.

Our capabilities are extensive.

We work inside a fully equipped production studio with all the bells and whistles. The team is both highly trained and extremely versatile. We collaborate seamlessly to get your job done right and delivered quickly.

We believe in the power of heart-to-head content, video-first. With the right combination of marketing content and technology, we will help you connect to more customers and grow your business.