In this project, we teamed up with two industry powerhouses in the network operations testing field, Visual Networks, and Fluke Networks. We worked with them to create this “slice of life” scenario from a real live NOC. Networks Operations Center. We crafted the script to feature the main benefits of using these two products that work in tandem. The video was originally directed towards the field sales force but was so well received that they started using it directly towards the customer.

The act of staging is, the selecting, designing, adapting to, or modifying the performance space for the video. We arrive and chose the space that best fits with our lifestyle scenes. We create the atmosphere that will come off realistic for the viewer. You don’t want to have an unrealistic set up, because this puts a disbelief out to the customers. You want the scenerio built on trust and execution for the viewer so that they want to share the content and learn from your video.