Video strategy for business by Bakerbuilt Works

A video strategy for business is the first thing to consider when embarking on a campaign to create videos for your business unit or company. It’s a game of getting more for less by leveraging your work. 

Ready to Get Strategic?

Video is the cornerstone of any modern, digital marketing effort. The written word may catch the spiders, but video catches customers. It works harder, smarter, and your business reaps the rewards.

Except when it doesn’t.

If you’ve ever been disappointed in the performance of a video, this eBook is for you. Even if you’re just getting ready to dip your toes into video for product or service marketing campaign, this eBook is a must read!

Video Strategy for Business is all about the big picture

Whether you’re trying to correct the mistakes of the past, or you want to avoid making those mistakes at all, there’s a lesson here for you. I should know, I learned them all the hard way.

I’ve been making videos for decades, and I’ve seen the landscape change again and again. Back in the day, I spent most of my time thinking about how to get the best shot, light the scene, and make it all look tight in post. But, again and again, I encountered mar-com managers who knew they needed a video but didn’t seem to know what to do with it. They were ambitious and excited about the project at hand, sure. They had a budget and an idea, sure. In the tale of the tortoise and the hare – they were definitely the hare. They lacked a broader video strategy for business that would help them win the race. 

Let’s Get Strategic

Yes, you need a video. In fact, to compete in today’s marketplace, you need a video library. To build and manage that library successfully, you need a strategy.

But running a business isn’t about the next sale, it’s about the next decade worth of sales.

This eBook is my attempt to pull together the lessons I’ve learned, from trial and error as well as those savvy marketing minds I’ve worked with over the years. There’s no one-size-fits-all video strategy for business. A lot depends on your business, your audience, and your honest capabilities – including time and budget. But there are some common questions and common solutions.

This eBook is a resource and a starting point. I want to get you to think strategically about the intention behind your marketing videos, and how to get the most out of every video you make. Video isn’t for vanity, after all, it’s an investment. It’s only a good investment if it pays you back, right?

Download it, read it, tell us what you think!