Think you know what to do when it comes to utilizing YouTube as a marketing platform? Well, think again. Unfortunately, many businesses spend thousands of dollars on creating corporate video productions, only to fail to properly upload them to YouTube. Not only does this diminish the value of the incredibly well-made video, but it also tanks the possibility of using YouTube as a powerful marketing tool.

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Introduction: Why All The Fuss About YouTube → Learn some awesome statistics and information about one of the most powerful search engines in the world and how to use it.

Chapter 1: Things to Remember about YouTube → Learn three important elements of generating results from your YouTube channel.

Chapter 2: YouTube Best Channel Practices for Businesses → Learn how to properly set up your YouTube channel and videos for maximum effect.

Chapter 3: The Most Effective Types of YouTube Video → Create an arsenal of YouTube videos that will target every audience by learning about what videos best hit which demographic.

Conclusion: Various Viewers on YouTube See what types of people you’re trying to please and how to reach them all.

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