YouTube Marketing eBook


Do you feel like you’ve got a handle of the success of your YouTube channel?

Well, you may need to step back a bit. Baker Built Works, is the marketing arm of Sierra Media Studios. They’ve created a YouTube Marketing eBook to help you successfully tame the YouTube beast. With these tips, you’ll be able to better leverage YouTube as a media marketing platform.

The reality is that many businesses spend thousands of dollars creating corporate video productions, and then they fail to properly upload them to YouTube. Not only does this diminish the value of an incredibly well-made video, it also tanks the possibility of using YouTube as a powerful marketing tool.

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Learn how to use YouTube to build and market your business. Follow these simple guidelines and you’ll be a YouTube success story in no time.


Introduction: Why All The Fuss About YouTube?

→ Baker Built Works explains all the reasons that YouTube has become one of the most powerful search engines in the world. The marketing potential there is huge for both B2B and B2C industries. Ignore at your peril.


Chapter 1: Things to Remember about YouTube

→ These three important elements can generate the marketing effectiveness that your video deserves.


Chapter 2: YouTube Best Channel Practices for Businesses

→ Daniel A. Cardenas provides a full run-down on how to properly setup and upload videos to your YouTube channel. This is a chapter not to be skipped—this is the key to YouTube marketing success.


Chapter 3: The Most Effective Types of YouTube Video

→ Learn about what types of video best hit your audience. You can more effectively drive customers down the sales funnel so that a browsing viewer becomes a buying client.


Conclusion: Various Viewers on YouTube

Learn how to speak to the various viewers that frequent YouTube in order to provide them with helpful information and meet their expectations.


BakerBuiltWorks, a part of Sierra Media Studios

has provided an incredibly valuable guide to everyone that wants to use YouTube as a marketing platform—or even just for someone who wants to know how to use YouTube according to best practice. Check it out!