Years ago our studio space housed a casket company Change can be a good thing

We finally went and did it.

Saying Goodbye to Sierra-Media. It was put your money where your mouth is time up in the studio this summer. Every few years we like to invite another industry professional into the studio. We believe in the power of an outsider’s perspective. It’s a service we provide, after all! Within any tight-knit group of misfits, it’s easy to slide into that comfortable place where “taking stock” starts to seem a lot like “navel-gazing.” Sometimes, you just need a different pair of eyes to find your blind-spots. This summer we asked Jerry Grant of BTS Affairs to take a frank look at our workflow and help us find avenues of improvement.

After all, if you’re not moving ahead, you’re falling behind, right?

As many of you know, Sierra-Media has been producing quality video since the days of VHS. It was a well-known name in certain circles around here. And as clients traveled to new places to hunt new opportunities, Sierra-Media went with them. We went from local to national, growing our space and our head-count along the way. A few years back, Dan started to feel like it was time to grow into a new business model and a new name. We were no longer just a production studio; we were a small creative agency. These days, we’re taking projects from concept to creation and helping clients old and new to navigate a changing digital landscape.

So Began BakerBuilt Works – Full Service Creative and Video Marketing

Still, it was difficult to let go of Sierra-Media. There was a lot of history there, along with name recognition and Google rankings to deal with! We’ve been struggling with this dual identity for long enough. It’s finally time to commit 100% to BakerBuilt Works, a creative group more capable of serving our clients’ needs in entirety. The Sierra-Media domain has been redirected to, so you’ll always know exactly with whom you’re dealing. Same great people, same awesome work, one all-encompassing new website:

Jerry helped us make a leap we’ve been meaning to make for a long time. Sometimes, I guess, you just need a little push. Or a firm shove.

We’re looking forward to continuing our business-therapy sessions with Jerry as we cement our brand identity and streamline our processes, all so that we can offer the best creative services to you. If you’re struggling with new ideas and next steps for your marketing, we’d love to be your outside eyes. Give us a call, we’re ready to help.