The year video-first marketing became MVP

Virtual Studio at Bakerbuilt Works
Virtual Studio at Bakerbuilt Works

We’ve been noticing an interesting shift in the ads we’re seeing over the last month. We’re calling it the pandemic pivot, as brands are moving very quickly to create video-first messaging that barrels past the socially-distanced blockades. In a short time, marketers have had to rethink their customers’ pain points as both emotional, situational, and financial assumptions have been shaken up. Even in B2B marketing, we’re seeing a change in both how we reach customers and how we relate to them. Our shared challenges create an obvious point of connection, as so many of us are learning to work from home, which comes with both obvious wins (what a commute!) and specific challenges (so many distractions).

Controlling the Fallout

We’ve been impressed with the nimbleness of some pretty big brands who, instead of hiding away or playing “wait and see” are coming out swinging with big, emotional videos. We talk a lot about disruptive marketing, but everything is about as disrupted as it can get right now. Now is the ideal time to position yourself as part of the solution. For businesses whose end-users include essential workers, such as our friends in the biomedical field, the messaging may be both obvious and immediate. Whether we’re talking to scientists working to heal, or manufacturers who have pivoted to meet supply demands, we want the world to know about their products, their efforts, and their position as problem solvers. Video-first marketing is the right tool for that job.

Plotting the Future

Other clients are operating more like simmering pots, using this enforced downtime to plot a course so they’re ready to roll when the lid comes off. That means investing in long-term, video-first marketing plans that will help them secure more market share in the coming year. Staying in front of mind while sitting on the bench is critical to ensuring your company is poised to make big plays when the time is right. Laying low right now may feel safe, but it’s a sure way to get overlooked and end up wondering what happened.

Video-First Marketing paves the way

Now, more than ever, video is both accessible and necessary. It’s time to break with the idea that video is too expensive to invest in. Your marketing budget just lost a lot of line items. One example, what percentage of your budget went to trade-shows, conventions, and travel expenses last year? 2020 has different priorities and different possibilities. It’s the perfect time to take a big leap outside of your comfort zone. Those who do will be the ones deciding what marketing looks like going forward. Will you host your own video-convention? Will your sales team get the tools they need to make the sale without expensing dinner and drinks? We can help.

Video-first marketing is the perfect tool for overcoming the “in-person” challenges that promise to define 2020. We’d love to help you connect to your customers creatively, safely, and effectively. Hit us up.