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As a creative production company, the following is a brief overview of our terms and conditions. We charge for our expertise and execution of a plan we create for you.

Our fees are directly proportional to the expertise required to complete a given assignment, and the value it brings to you or your business, plus expenses.

We believe your company and ours should both be profitable. It’s what enables us all to be in business and deliver on our promises.

Bakerbuilt Works-Technology Marketing
Our terms and conditions are serious


We develop creative for hire or execute it ourselves. It’s our unique ability. Although we are very very nice people, we are not in the business of developing creative concepts to give away for free, or for other firms to execute.

We may develop many rounds of ideas for you before the final creative is delivered. That’s the nature of the business. Please be aware our proposal will include creative fees to recoup those costs.


We charge an industry-standard markup of 25% on live-action production expenses (AICP line items A through K).


Generally, everything we produce is considered “work for hire” as defined in the Copyright Act of 1976. Unless agreed upon otherwise in advance, the rights to the work become yours upon our receipt of final payment. We also reserve the right to use the work we create in our own promotion after it has been made public. This too helps us to perpetually be in business.

When you provide us with materials, we assume you have already secured full rights and clearances for those materials.

Please be advised we do not carry E&O (exclusions and omissions) insurance unless otherwise agreed in writing.


Our standard payment terms are 50% payment upon project commencement and 50% net 5 days after project completion. After our companies have established a trustworthy financial relationship, we will gladly consider alternative payment terms.

In the event of delays or postponements, note that we will invoice the final balance due no more than 15 days after the initially agreed-upon deadline.


For creative and post-production projects, the client will be liable for work performed up until the date of cancellation plus one-half of the remaining job as bid.

For live-action projects, we follow industry-standard AICP guidelines: if notice of cancellation or postponement is given one to ten working days prior to the shoot, the client will be liable for all out-of-pocket costs, full director’s fee as bid, and full production fee on the job as bid.