This summer has been hot in more ways than one. Living in the PNW, we spend more time than we’d like scheduling (and rescheduling) outdoor shoots around inclement weather, so you’d think we’d be more excited to see the sun, but these rising temperatures can be tough on the equipment…and the crew. We were shooting in a greenhouse a few weeks back and almost lost a perfectly good writer when she started seeing stars. Perfect time to take a vacation, wouldn’t you say?

Nope; we’re busy as ever, especially with our re-launch of Northwest Live. We’re looking for compelling northwest stories to tell, so if you have one (or hear one) let us know. Right now we’re working on a collection of videos around Oso locals Fruitful Farm, an inspiring family farm run by a pair of young classical musicians and their mom. Look for that to come out soon on

Sometimes it seems like we wait all year for Summer, and then it slips away almost as soon as it starts. If you’d like to get a video wrapped before next quarter, give us a call today so we can get you on the schedule. The days may be long, but summer’s just a little too short.

Hope you’re enjoying it,

–        Sierra-Media
By Daniel Cardenas