With a Studio at hand, there are no “bad days” for shooting.(except Mondays)

We’ve had a busy, rainy month so far filming lifestyle scenes in our 3500 sq ft loft studio space. We’ve had 5 days of shooting in the studio with 4 separate staged setups in one day, from living room to bedroom to office. These were mostly for software companies, showing people using their amazing software in different situations.


Living room set at Sierra Media

Those of you who’ve shot here before know how much we can change it up in the studio; it’s such a versatile space to work with.Using different furniture, props, and walls, we’re able to transform our space into a variety of scenes. Working in our favor is a south facing wall of windows we can use to control our lighting. I have designed a system of window treatments that can create a full blackout, or simply diffuse the natural light using sheets of neutral density film. It’s sort of like putting large sunglasses on our windows.


Using daylight in studio

We’ve recreated more than a few locations in our studio, including:

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  • A Kitchen set
  • Data Center
  • bedroom sets
  • Conference rooms
  • Office cubicles
  • A lunchroom
  • A workshop
  • White background
  • Greenscreen (if we don’t have the right background, we’ll comp it in! Outerspace? Check.)

On most occasions, these lifestyle scenes are quick shots for commercial spots that only need a brief glimpse of setting to anchor the ad. So we go to work on our stage area, with lighting grid, sound curtains, and lots of power outlets. Working in the studio gives us a tremendous level of control that’s difficult to match out in the real world. Because of this, studio shoots can help save on both time and budget for many projects.


Behind the scenes of white background shoot at Sierra Media

Having this studio space is a valuable asset to our clients, and I’m pleased we can offer it along with so many other options to create the amazing videos they’ve come to expect from us. Plus, coming up with fresh sets really is one of the more fun parts of production. It always amazes clients what we can accomplish with curtains and a little creative framing.

Of course, sometimes the studio isn’t an option. To read about shooting on location, check out THIS POST from BakerBuilt Works

If you’d like to have a look for yourself, give us a call.