Modular design is key

Designing step-up modular beds for congregate shelters is a challenge. When the paradigm shifts to how do we better serve our guests, you discover new ways of solving the problem. This is what led EGM (Everett Gospel Mission) and StepUp Beds to work with volunteers to build a solution to this complex problem.

Documenting the process

Getting called to shoot “a little” video about step-up modular beds at the mission didn’t sound too exciting. The project turned out to be an inspirational journey for me as I learned firsthand about the homelessness crisis. As well as a much bigger project and a longer video. This story about comfortable, safe beds, for high-density living, has to be told and a short 2-minute video does not do it justice.

Arriving on an early summer morning as the pallets got unloaded from a semi-truck, I started shooting the process. Due to the physical unloading, organizing, and then assembling the beds, the shoot took most of the weekend. Nevertheless, coming back several times with another camera operator to get the SOTs (Sound on tape) visually helps tell the story.

After the dust settled, we brought the executive director and project manager from EGM into the studio for a sit-down interview. Giving much deeper context to the story of step-up modular beds, shooting in the studio gave us more control. With the conversation digging deeper into the current state of homelessness and poverty today, the longer interview sections make good informational content for another video.

Working with a small agency

One of the many advantages of working with a small agency are flexibility. When a project calls for more resources, small agencies should be able to scale. Furthermore, hands-on principles add value. In this case, I added a 2 camera studio shoot. Additionally, delivering multiple versions of the final edit makes this a nice package. The deliverables include:

  • A 10 min mini-documentary about the StepUp Beds
  • A 2 min version
  • A version for StepUp Bed company
  • Social media posts

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