If you’ve been around creative or MarCom for a while, you recognize trends around frequency, reach, and even duration. Is shorter really any better in video marketing? The pendulum swings both ways. There’s always something hip, new and shiny to help garner the almighty attention. Whether it’s marketing automation, AI, Programmatic Advertising, Chatbots, Personalization, and video marketing, yes video marketing is right up there on the list of top marketing trends in 2021 as sighted by the digital marketing agency, Single Grain.  

Circa 1885…

Nevertheless, there’s been a lot of research on frequency and reach, in advertising. Check out Derrick Daye’s article Advertising Frequency Theory: Circa 1885,” where he provides the 20 steps or exposures an ad must take to garner purchase intent. That was 135 years ago! But what about duration? 

“Shorter is better” I hear this a lot. Short vs long in video marketing! Is it better? How is it better? If we go back to frequency and reach, we need to see a piece at least 7-10 times to get a response. So, yes when you’re basing the length of a piece to 15-30 seconds, yes shorter is better. However, it has to be great. Besides being well scripted, shot, edited, and positioned, it has to be well thought out and produced. 

What about informational or instructional?

What about informational or instructional? I’m referring to video marketing, not necessarily advertising. Keep it short is a mantra I hear a lot as well. According to TechSmith, the makers of instructional software, “More than 50% of people preferred a video length of 3-6 minutes. The next highest was the 10-19 min range. This is for videos people were interested in watching or learning from. This is a very strong motivation to engage a viewer. It’s different than multi-purposing a video by squeezing it onto 2-3 disparate platforms and wondering why you didn’t get the views or engagement. 

What I’m seeing

In conclusion, I’m seeing MarComs doing just that. Squeezing marketing videos onto social media platforms and wondering why they don’t work. Short Vs Long in video marketing, It’s a totally different animal. I suggest using social media to drive awareness to find the audience for your longer format videos that have some important content and thus have some longevity which equals a great ROI. 

Thanks for reading. If. You’re interested and willing to let me share my experience of creating video marketing and help you or your company. Let me know.