We were recently shooting on location in the valley for 2 days. If you’re familiar with LA, it’s probably not the valley you’re thinking of. This is the other valley, Silicon Valley. Known for something completely different than what the San Fernando Valley is known for.

My DP, Chris Mosio and I flew down from Seattle on an Alaska flight to San Jose. What a great airport! Less than 30 min from deplaning to driving away in a rental car is amazing. And invariably when you step outside, you realize why so many people live in California, the sun is almost always shining and it’s warm.

Shooting on location with a grip truck is a great benefit

We were heading on location to Sunnyvale for a product launch shoot for a new client. They’re in the biotech industry and make some incredible machines that read DNA for various research projects. With a comfortable budget, we were able to rent a grip truck from Rebel Sun, one of two places that I could find in the Bay Area to rent grip and lighting equipment. We rented a couple of HMI’s that put out a lot of beautiful daylight balanced light. Because most screens are on the higher spectrum of degrees Kelvin or closer to daylight, we wanted it to look natural and have the correct color temperature.

Additionally, we rented a grip van with a ton, I mean a ton of grip equipment which is such a pleasure to have while shooting on location away from home.

build your business with video

We spent 2 days shooting a spot for the machine and we also shot 4 how-to videos that will actually get embedding onto the device for quick start and help guide features.

Here’s the setup. Two 575 HMIs, an Astra 1′ x 1′, a Kinoflo Diva light and several small LED panels and lots of light modifiers. Stay tuned and I’ll share the videos when they’re released.