Marketing, of course, is usually a shout it from the rooftops event. Most people want the videos we create to reach around the world in the first seconds after posting. The word “viral” is thrown around quite a bit.

Then again, sometimes it isn’t. We just wrapped on a project that will never see the light of the internet. It was a ton of fun to shoot, because these are some crazy, hilarious people. A small and specific audience will see this on a massive screen at a private event, and then it will disappear.

I can’t tell you how much I wish we could show it to you, but we never will. We didn’t share the one we made for them last year, either. The total satisfaction of our clients is our mission. For some, that means a video gets pushed out on as many channels as possible, as quickly as possible. For others, that means total control over who sees the video, when, and where. We are nothing if not discreet.

Our clients put a lot of trust in us, artistically and professionally, and we take great pride in earning that trust with every project.

Next week, we may have an awesome new marketing video to share, but this week…all we have is a big secret, and the ability to keep it.