We’re happy to walk you through all the steps, of your video, from concept and planning to publishing. You can read about our process here, give us a call at the studio. 425-259-4429

Do you already have a script in hand or just an idea and a lot of questions? Either way, we’ll help you get on the right path to creating a great piece of effective video marketing. Even “simple” how-to videos can benefit from knowledgeable execution. Our team has the experience to know the difference between what reads well on the page, and what will look and sound great in the final edit. if you’re looking for a full marketing campaign to accompany your video, we can help there too.

Let’s start a conversation Build your business with video

Whether we’re shooting in our studio or on location, a lot goes into preparing for a professional production. Before we shoot, we usually start with a tech walkthrough on location with the crew and someone from your facility. Even if we’re shooting in the studio, we’ll talk through the technical aspects of the shoot.

We like to make sure everyone is on the same page in terms of creating sets, sourcing props, hiring talent and prepping for shoot day. On location, we need to know lighting circuits, the best place to load in and out, restrooms and/or dressing rooms, transportation, and other logistics. We’ll also address any special requirements for soundproofing; it’s amazing how loud it can be in a “quiet” office! We nail down every detail so that, when the shoot day arrives, we can get right to work and get the shoot wrapped on time and on budget. Plenty if time in production planning means working in the trenches is going to be a breeze.


Let’s Talk About the Script

Let’s talk about the script, outline or draft. Whatever you have,  we need some time to look through it. We need to figure out the best way to execute it based on your budget. This is what we call the breakdown. Not only do we break down what needs to get covered in the script, either via voice over or on-camera talent, but we need to break down the action as to what else happens on the screen. You see, no matter how great your talent looks or how great a voice the narrator has, you need coverage to tell the story. Video is a visual medium and people like to watch interesting things happening on the screen, not necessarily a talking head.

The Breakdown

After we’ve broken down the script into the shots, we then break that apart to create a shooting script. This is where experience in video production planning comes in to play. Setting up for a key interview is a lot different than grabbing a shot of someone doing something at a desk or at some piece of equipment. The interview is called a SOT (s0und on tape, from the old days) and the shot of someone doing something is called B-roll. Also from the old days of film editing, the roll refers to the spools of film; the editor would choose between Spool A or Spool B. Where Spool A was your primary shot, typically with sound, Spool B would hold all the other shots, hence B-roll.

Scheduling time for B roll is as important as getting that SOT interview. So when we schedule the person for the interview/ comments, we also need to schedule enough time for B roll of that person along with some visual content that relates to what they plan to say.


Speaking of Schedules

Along with scheduling enough time for your talent and B-roll, consider the crew and their bio needs. Let say you want to start at 8:00 am. Depending on where you are, let’s consider it takes an hour or so to get to where you are that means at least another hour before that for the crew’s call time. Back that up an hour and you have people getting going at 5:00 am. So when you want to get one last interview at 12:30 before the crew has had lunch, they might have worked already 7 hours. Do get me wrong the crew will work long and hard to get the shots. But please consider that we need breaks for food, water and bathroom, built into the schedule. This is where a great producer will help in the planning and scheduling of your production.