Digital Cinema Bakerbuilt Works Creative Agency and MarketingSharing is Caring…Up to a Point

Have you ever loved something so much,  you couldn’t stop talking about it? We all get that way now and again, whether it’s a new band, a new baby, a new toy, or a new piece of technology that’s changing your life. The human desire to share can take a swift dive into “oversharing” pretty quickly. We see that a lot in script writing for video by even the best marketing departments.

This is an ongoing challenge in the world of video marketing for corporations. We work with a lot of clients, from start-ups to behemoths, but one thing they have in common is an unbridled enthusiasm for their latest product. As well they should! Some of the products we see are truly game-changers. When you’ve managed, through blood, sweat, failure and perseverance to create something – be it software or hardware – that will change the way people live and work…well that certainly calls for fanfare.

But here’s the hard truth: While everyone will absolutely love and desire your product, so much so that it will become an intrinsic part of their lives and they’ll clamor for the next iteration, right now they don’t really want to be bothered. They’re busy. They’ve “got a lot on their plate and limited budget for next year.”

You Want a Road Sign, not a Road Block!

The thing to remember, as we’re script writing for video, is that the road to closing the sale, the buyer’s journey, has more than one stop. First, you have to get them on the path! That means grabbing their attention. Your first video interaction isn’t about laying bare every detail, but more about encouraging your viewer’s natural curiosity. People enjoy making discoveries. The video only needs to capture their interest and lead them to the next move, whether it’s a virtual demo or a product page. When they actually WANT to learn more, that’s when you can get into the nitty gritty details.

So keep in mind, as you’re reading through a script for video, that we’re simply not going to be able to say everything. It would take too long, kill the action, and wind up downright boring. Keep in mind, too, that a lot of what we don’t say explicitly can be more effectively shown. That’s the beauty of video! Check us out!