PRC-3Video Marketing in Healthcare poses some challenges, it’s true, but we can’t let pain blind us to opportunity. People will always need doctors and hospitals (probably more than they’d like), but they also have choices about where to seek treatment. The larger the city you operate in, the more choices there are. So how can video help a potential patient choose you? Two important ways:

1. Exposure

YouTube is the second most popular search engine, and Google ranks sites with video higher than those without. Simply put, if you don’t have videos on YouTube, you’re missing a massive opportunity for reaching your community. The same is true of social media. Consumers are making healthcare decisions based on articles friends post on Facebook – e.g. what foods to eat, what exercise works, and what they think about vaccines. Your voice should be the voice of expert healthcare in your community, and sharable videos addressing common concerns can be a powerful part of that.

2. Connection

Physician video profiles are increasingly commonplace. Right now, it’s hard to imagine choosing a doctor without seeing a profile picture at the top of their bio. Soon, the same will hold true for video. But to forge a connection to your greater community, doctor profiles aren’t enough. A small library of well-made videos will have greater long-term return on investment. Consider creating a series of clinic videos addressing common health concerns. This will position you as a friend and an expert in your community, and show that you care about your patients beyond billing. A short video about Seasonal Affective Disorder, for instance, can be featured annually and, unlike a doctor profile, has potential for re-shares on social media.

Here’s where the “pain” kicks in. Doctors and nurses are notoriously busy people and it can be difficult to schedule time with them. Likewise, when you’re not dealing with professional actors, screen presence can be an issue – people freeze up on camera, speak too softly, ramble. It’s easy to set up a camera and film someone talking about exercise for a minute and a half, and a video like that isn’t going to cost very much to produce, but is that video going to work for your business?

Making a compelling video that will get watched all the way through, and possibly even shared, is going to require outside help and more of an investment, but it doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Try committing to a handful of higher production-value videos created and released on a schedule. Those videos can be the cornerstone in your marketing for years to come, and the collected b-roll can be used to flush out interview style vlogs or physician profiles in the interim.

Don’t just make videos – make videos that work.

*Not sure where to start? Give us a call, we’re happy to help!