Dan films a group of climbers in Index, WA, for Northwest Live
Climbing at Index WA

Have you checked out Northwest Live lately?

Northwest Live is a video channel dedicated to all the things that make the Pacific Northwest awesome. We’re talking about music, beer, mountains, yoga, artists, and everything in between. You can keep reading, or skip straight to the videos.

A Brief History of NWLive.tv

BakerBuilt Works is made up of transplants from other states, alongside one notable local with deep roots in the area. The Pacific Northwest seems to lean that way, with a long history of pulling in people from all over. What can I say, it’s just a great play to live and grow. Discover in the PNW, it’s too easy for most of us! Those of you who know Dan, know that he is not the settling type. He is always chasing the next story, the next mountain, the next business venture, the next adventure. And he’s willing to drag anyone else along for the ride.

That’s what led Dan to start Northwest Live (NWLive.tv). However, he was constantly discovering new, cool places and interesting people in the PNW and, of course, filming them. It great to share with the rest of the world the PNW that he sees. YouTube has made it easy to keep the in one place, but you can also follow nwlive on Instagram. If you have an idea for a story we should follow up on, we’d love to hear about it.

Something for Everyone

Hot air balloons take flight over Prosser, WA
PNW adventures come in all shapes and colors

Northwest Live is a rabbit-hole of video content produced by the crew at BakerBuilt Works. It’s a passion-project, yes, but one that’s been produced with care, by professionals. At first glance, the collection may seem random. You will find with a profile of a local Yoga instructor, a Ballard brewery, and an adaptive snow sport lesson. Above all, it’s a visual tour of the last decade of life, from BC to PDX. Whether you’re a PNW-lifer or just a curious bystander, there’s always something to watch on NWLive.tv.

Or even awesomely delicious food prep from our own studio kitchen. Check these out.

Leftover Chili Empanadas from Northwest Live

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