2017 New Year 4 Good Decisions

2017 is going to be amazing. Why? We’re going to make it amazing. Marketing is all about driving decisions, after all, and decisions drive outcomes.

This year, let’s decide to keep growing.

We’ve been expanding at Sierra-Media and BakerBuilt Works over the years. Our crack team of six full time employees includes the production crew you know and a dedicated marketing brain trust working to keep that ROI flowing. We continue to seek out and hire the best contractors for specialty work to ensure our client – the most important team member – gets more than they expect. In 2017, may the best team win!

Let’s decide to go for the heart.

The longer I work in video and marketing, the clearer it gets: people make decisions with their hearts. We work with a lot of highly technical equipment, and the creators are rightfully proud of that technology and all the engineering behind it. But there’s a reason advertisements stand above and apart from white papers. Push the brain all you like, it’s the heart that makes the leap! So this year, let’s make videos that make people feel something. Let’s help people relate to products on a human, emotional level, and let’s see if that doesn’t make a difference.

Let’s decide to be adventurous.

In 2016, I’ve been to motorcycle boot camp, taken an adventure riding class that just about ended me, and basically got out as much as I could to enjoy the natural beauty of this coast. In 2017, let’s decide to make more videos in interesting places. This country has no shortage of amazing locations. Let’s take advantage of it, and pull excitement right out of the atmosphere.

Let’s decide to get ahead of the game.

Here at BakerBuilt Works, our strength is in our ideas and our ability to execute those ideas. Over the last few years, we’ve embraced and excelled at the creative work that happens before and beyond the videos we make. This year, don’t wait for the fourth quarter video scramble. Give us a call today, set up a meeting, and let’s come up with a plan that will make all of 2017 amazing.