The Client

Molecular Devices is a Silicon Valley-based company that provides innovative bioanalytical solutions for life science research, pharmaceutical, and biotherapeutic development. They are passionate about the role they play in the scientific discoveries that are improving lives every day. But while they take their work very seriously, they are also open to having a little fun with their marketing.

The Product: SpectraMax ABS

The SpectraMax ABS is a highly technical product with a pretty specific audience of the science minded. As we know from experience, however, while scientists are able to grasp the highly technical, they aren’t robots, and they still enjoy a good site gag. We were tasked with creating four videos to support this product’s big launch. We needed a teaser to get some attention, a short launch video/commercial, a training video for the sales force, and a nuts and bolts video for a “just the facts” kind of crowd. The budget might have been tight for that much content, but that’s a solvable problem with a little creativity and a flexible client.

Featured work Bakerbuilt Works Molecular Devices

The Creative Strategy

Its small footprint was a big part of the new product’s value proposition. Small but Mighty was a tagline they used internally in the documents they shared with us. We decided to have some fun playing with the idea of size and expectations as we conceptualized and scripted the first two videos to support the launch. After all, microbiologists are constantly confronted with the power of the smallest things as they study them in great detail. The first teaser video used some simple sight gags to introduce the “next big thing” without getting into the gritty details. We wanted to keep it fun and light, making it an easy social share. The video follows an enormous crate coming from an enormous truck and generating a lot of attention rolling down halls next to a glass-walled lab. The longer video opened with a subtler take on the “power of small” and then dove into the value proposition, showing the product in a hero position in a working lab.

The third and fourth videos were much more straightforward inform/educate pieces. One was designed to help the internal salesforce understand how to communicate the benefits of this new product in a way that would resonate with their customers. The other was designed to communicate those benefits directly to the customer in a no-frills format that would respect the intelligence and research-focus of the audience.

Featured Work Bakerbuilt Works Molecular Devices


As director of the shoot, Daniel Cardenas flew down to San Jose with his DP to execute the filming. They kept client costs down by bringing their own gear and forgoing any extra crew for the 2-day shoot. This was possible, too, because the client had a long list of employees willing to tag in as “talent” for the day. Cardenas used the two days in California well, knowing that a return trip would cost the clients. He shot enough b-roll while he was in town to cover any holes or changes down the line elegantly. Having shot hundreds of training pieces and product videos before didn’t hurt. The employees made perfect models (we purposefully didn’t give them any lines), and the two-days went smoothly with minimal disruption to most of the workforce.

Back in Everett, the footage went through the process of editing, adding voice-over, music, and GFX along the way. We were able to deliver the four finished videos in about 2 weeks


Through creative scripting and hyper-efficient production practices, we were able to meet the demands and exceed the expectations of our clients without exceeding their budget. We had a little fun, kept it real by using real employees, and delivered enough content to span the sales cycle and ensure relevance beyond the product launch.

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