Micro-Projector Kitchen Image

A possible scenario from the video of the interactive ability of the PicoP® micro-projector.

Microvision’s PicoP® Scanning Technology, is already changing the personal entertainment landscape.

PicoP® is essentially a credit card sized micro-projector capable of creating a big screen display on just about any surface. Ever try sharing a high tech video production with a group of people gathered around your cellphone? Microvision’s PicoP® scanning technology makes it possible to project that video right onto a wall, or a table, or the back of the guy sitting in front of you.

High Tech Video Production - Talent Microvision

Working in the high tech video production field, I could see loads of professional applications as soon as we started talking about it. That might be why I was excited to build them a video, even though the deadline was almost prohibitively tight. We had a little under a month to conceptualize, script, shoot, edit and deliver a video that required multiple locations and a half dozen actors. It wasn’t an easy task, but we don’t mind a challenge.

The high tech video production we tackled introduces their concept of a virtual, projected touchscreen from the mirco-projector.

We needed to show a sampling of potential uses for this future-ready technology to inspire OEMs and ODMs and capture the imagination of technophiles. Toward that end, we addressed the technology from an end-user standpoint. While we could see the potential for professional uses, we decided to keep the video personal, showing ways this advanced technology could become an integral part of our everyday lives, just like smartphones have.

I’d get more into the details, but that’s why we make videos, right? You can watch it below now, before you start seeing this cutting edge tech take over out in the real world.