Bakerbuilt Works Video Experience

A full-service video production

As a full-service video production company for Microvision, we often get asked for the impossible. In this case, we needed to create an apartment for a tech worker living in a downtown urban metropolis with natural light and light-colored countertops. No problem. My production manager headed right over to Airbnb and found dozens of possibilities.

We narrowed the list down and offered our top five to the client. As usual, they were in a rush but also super busy. By the time they were able to make a decision, their first-choice location was already booked. Did I mention this happened around the Thanksgiving holiday in Seattle? The client returned with a “perfectly lovely” apartment in a high-rise downtown with windows looking East. Perfect for a bachelor, yes, but challenging for our production needs. We had a crew of about 8, and, with clients and talent, that meant a head count of at least 14 people in a 1 bedroom apartment!

Three days of production

On day one, we did a pre-light and tech run-through. Unfortunately, unforeseen technical problems with the prototype product in its operation would need to be addressed in editing. I’ll let you see if you can tell what we did when you watch the final video below.

Offering full-service video production means we solve many problems, whether on set or in the editing room.
The 2nd day was our production day. We’re well-versed in corporate and commercial production, and our team is tight. Since the storyline included a dinner party, we started late so we could be shooting when it was dark outside. With so many windows in the tiny apartment, faking the time of day would have been unrealistic. Things went well, and thanks to our pre-light and tech run-through, all went as planned. We shot with a Sony F55 with an Angenieux Optimo 30-90 and a set of Zeiss CP-2 primes. The 25 mm came in handy for some of the wide shots. The apartment was quiet, which was great since we also recorded sound.

To follow up on providing our full-service production, the 3rd day was set aside for still shots of the product on location and an additional trip to our studio on a subsequent day for studio shots of the product. Overall, we delivered several versions of a video of a couple of products and product photography to be used at CES.