It’s 2pm.

There is a lull in the workload.

You have five minutes until your next meeting.

Let’s face it, you just need a break. You need a few minutes to let your brain cool down and unwind. That’s why we are introducing Media Mondays! Every week we will be reaching into our video archives. Sometimes, we’ll just make a new video because… well, we just really like making videos.

Take a look at this week’s choice. It’s a feature we did from Northwest Live on Anti-Gravity Yoga studios.

Check out the video.

Antigravity yoga at Levitas Studio in the Fremont neighborhood in Seattle is relaxing and can be strenuous at the same time. The first time I tried it, it was amazing. Being surrounded and cradled in the hammock is so comforting. Once you get over the excitement of being upside down, just remember to breath. All of a sudden you feel your back sort of pop as it is decompressing. An amazing class. Start with the basic and move on from there. Check it out at

For more Media Monday videos, be sure to check back next week.

Same day, same time, same place.