Media Monday – Exploring the NW

Leavenworth, Washington is a city that has been a popular tourist attraction for many years. However, few people know that the city struggled until 1962 when Project LIFE transformed the town into a Bavarian village. Now tourists flock to Leavenworth year round.   Besides Leavenworth, have you ever been through an eccentric town and wondered how it came to be? This week’s Sierra Media Monday explores the recent history of the Mighty Tieton Lofts which are located in Yakima County, Washington. Learn how they were discovered and the push to grow the small town for local artists.

Northwest Live visited the Mighty Tieton Lofts; the result of an idea thought up by Ed Marquand while riding his bike through Tieton, a small town just west of Yakima. Marquand popped his tires on a patch of goathead thorns and spent a couple of hours in the town repairing them. During his stay, he noticed several abandoned warehouses in the center of Tieton that seemed as though they would be very affordable. He decided to invite a number of artists, architects, designers, and other creative individuals to come up with ways to use the spaces that would allow the opportunity to produce things that would be too expensive to produce in larger cities such as Seattle; and thus Mighty Tieton Lofts were born.
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