Technical video content- Bakerbuilt Works

Technical video content- Bakerbuilt Works

Marketing technically complex products

We claim to help businesses market technically complex products with a video. Here are some video examples of a few very specialized products we’ve worked closely with clients to produce.

Furthermore, our team scripted, shot, and edited these projects using professional and non-professional actors. Can you tell which is which?

In this first example, we shot several products in a marketing lab. The deliverable called for five videos. We’ve delivered more than that, with two other videos for social media. The beauty of shooting in this marketing lab is that we have complete control of the location. Being a fishbowl, we chose to go with what background action was happening as we shot. Check it out!

Launch it at a trade show

A client came to us at the end of last year with a familiar story. Regardless, most of their budget was assigned to present at an out-of-town trade show, but they needed a video to show off their new laser. (You’re not allowed to show a live laser of this type on a trade show floor) We scripted, shot, and edited this lower-budget video, including the 3D animation. Three-dimensional animation shows this new product’s inner workings selectively. The Access Laser SLX

Delivering exceptional value

We worked closely with the client to create a great video experience in both examples. One was very experienced in making videos; one was not. We work with clients at all levels to understand the nuances of professional video creation, and we’re very empathetic. We prescribe solutions based on experience, not necessarily by request. Time and time again, our clients commented that they saw more value in the projects we deliver because of our expertise and easygoing manner.

Strategy vs. Implementation 

Clients come to us for various reasons, primarily for our expertise in implementing a strategy we’ve worked to create with them. Sometimes we’re not asked to implement. It’s ok. Since we’re so involved in the project, it makes sense for us to do both.

If you’re interested in creating a video strategy, implementing it, or flushing out a “half-baked idea,” give us a call. We offer video strategy and implementation for companies looking to grow.