I’ve been a longtime supporter of Cocoon House, a vital local organization working to combat youth homelessness. Cocoon House provides critical services to the at-risk youth of Snohomish County. Recently, they executed an ambitious awareness campaign on the streets of Everett and beyond. When they asked us to document their efforts, I was happy to donate time and resources to this important cause and make an effort to do some marketing for change. We created a compelling video that we hope will inspire more people to stop and #takeacloserlook at youth homelessness.

Taking a Closer Look (watch the video)

"Homeless" mannequin bringing awareness to youth homelessness.

“Homeless” mannequin bringing awareness to youth homelessness.

Making the Invisible, Visible.

Youth homelessness is often an invisible problem. We tend to assume the children we see loitering outside the library have homes to go to when the street lights come on. You can’t tell, just by looking at a boy in baggy jeans and a hoody, if he has somewhere to sleep that night. You can’t tell if the girl walking to school has had anything to eat. In the same vein, we can’t see the reason a child might be afraid to go home. This project populated the streets of Everett with “invisible” kids. Their secret challenges were printed across hooded sweatshirts like university emblems.

It’s not everyday we have the opportunity to use our unique talents to create positive change in our hometown. I hope you’ll take a moment to watch the final video and read a little more about the work being done by the wonderful people at www.cocoonhouse.org.

Check them out and donate here


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“Homeless mannequin”

That’s a Wrap:

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