Grasping at Intangibles – it’s a marketing challenge for high tech.

It’s well known in marketing that the most powerful influence on a purchase decision is the referral. Referral such a strong advertising force that it’s being built right into apps; your aunt probably has no idea CandyCrush is constantly updating you on her progress.

In the high tech world, where products can seem ephemeral or abstruse, referrals are especially vital.

You may not take to Facebook to ask your friends what cereal they like, but when a person is looking to buy a new computer or try a video game, most go straight for the referral.

When it comes to decisions about high tech, we love to know who’s using what, and how. Mainstream adopters look to early adopters. Early adopters…well, they look mostly to each other, and they love to share what they find. Our job is to give the something to talk about.

That’s where video comes in.

If you’re marketing high tech, you’re reaching out to a demographic that breathes online video. By utilizing a charming actor as a psychological stand in for a referrer, you can capture the feeling of a referral/review while tackling the secondary challenge of educating your audience. A successful video sheds light on all the cool that can be difficult to express in words, and gets those early adopters excited about the next, newest thing. It’s one thing talking about that 3-D camera bringing your gaming avatar to life, it’s another thing entirely to watch it happen.

If you’ve ever found yourself the recipient of blank stares when trying to explain a new technology, you can see how illuminating video can be. It’s a simple way to answer a two-pronged marketing challenge – to engage and inform.

Is your product ready for its close-up?