This last year has changed the way our clients approach to video. Live streaming, virtual demos, and virtual event production has taken over the production process. Unfortunately, many clients have stopped using experts and have taken video conferencing onto their own laptops. In many cases this is sufficient. Mitigating the risk of in-person meetings or presentations far outweighs the potential for infection.

At BakerBuilt Works, we’ve taken our years of production experience and leveraged them to do live streaming, virtual demos, and virtual live events, from our live streaming studio north of Seattle. We have set up our spacious studio to be operated with a bare minimum crew with social distancing guidelines in place. We can stream live to YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, or Facebook. With the flexibility to mix with Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting, or Facetime. In-studio or remote. We offer:

  • 8-10′ of separation between guests
  • Minimal (2-3 persons) social distanced professional crew
  • Up to 8 professional cameras
  • Includes grip and lighting
  • Professional audio
  • Live-streamed and recorded

Live streaming from the studio at Bakerbuilt Works, located in downtown Everett, and is very convenient. We’re situated in a large warehouse building with very little foot traffic and visitors. Especially during the work from home initiatives enacted in mid-March 2020.

Here are a few of the platforms we can stream to:

  • YouTube Live
  • Facebook Live

If the service you’d like to stream to is not listed please ask. We’re sure we can set it up and live stream to that service.

Additionally, we’ll record your session and you can either have us edit it, if needed, or take the file away with you on a hard drive. We record and stream in HD or UHD (4K) for professional results.

Here are a few samples of recordings from our studio:

Live Podcast

Product Demo

Live Twitch Game Streaming

Studio Walkthrough