DunderMifflin-Bakerbuilt Works

We spent a week in Scranton, PA and we loved it!


We recently landed a new technology consulting client and their home office is in the Pennsylvania town of Scranton. You may know it as home of the fictitious Dunder Mifflin from the U.S. version of The Office! When we got the assignment to create a website with some videos and later create some content and do several email campaigns, I was thrilled.

One Lesson Learned

Not to bore you with the details too much on the challenges of cross-country travel in the summer months. We flew into Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport. My Suggestion- don’t. Instead, fly into either Newark or Philly and drive the two hours. We ended up spending way too long getting there and over a day getting out.

Life on the Road

So, we flew in on Monday, took all day into the next morning to get there, weather in Chicago was the culprit. We met with the client and got the download from them. This was after about 5 hours of data dump from the contract marketing director. Once on site, we shot stills and video Tuesday, Wednesday, and part of Thursday and attempted to come home Thursday night, but ended up getting back to Seattle Friday night. Phew, what a week. We got a lot done, but with all the waiting around and slow internet in airports and 4G connectivity, it was a bit painful. Living in high tech areas on either coast, we get spoiled by the fast connectivity. The truth of the matter is, a lot of places outside of major metropolitan areas are not that wired for fast internet.

Work Hard, Play Hard?

The offices were a bit spartan and home to about 20 developers, all about the same age and all mostly from PA, and felt like a grown-up frat house, minus the beer. We were given an office to shoot in that had windows on one side, a whiteboard and white walls. A bit of a challenge, especially with the limited amount gear we brought with us. We made the best of it and got a lot of good stuff from the partners and lots of b’roll of the young developers cranking away at implementations of ServiceNow for their array of clients.

Working 10-12 hours a day we really did not get a chance to experience too much of Scranton, but I feel I have to mention two places we ate and one of them we visited twice!

The first place, a great place for lunch was P.J. Scanlan’s located in the downtown area was great. And the other place was Tequila’s Mexican Grill. They’ve got a great assortment of Tequilas and the food was good and the service was stellar. Other than that, nothing really to report except the fact if you’re not from a semi-rural area in the eastern part of the country, it’s quite a different vibe than the laid back northwest.

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