As the turmoil of the pandemic is starting to get smaller in our collective rear view mirrors. And for me, the feeling of standing on a cliff is subsiding. There is a glimmer of hope that spring has brought and we’re getting back to a new sense of normal. Is hybrid production here to stay? Let get into it.

For a recent production

We were recently hosted a high level executive in our studio for a customer interview who is in New York City. The director was in Salt Lake City and the “control room” was in Los Angeles. Additionally, there were marketing folks viewing and interacting from Seattle as well. All of this was switched live along with the 2 streams recorded in full HD as well as recorded locally. This is a very hybrid production solution.

It’s is a technical feat that, in the past, would have required a couple of satellite uplink trucks and a broadcast TV control room. In this case, the control room was in the den of the technical director’s house in LA. This hybrid production is for a corporate event that will go live later this month and the recorded segments will be rolled into the “live” virtual event. We were fortunate to be a part of it.

The approach is different but the outcome is the same

Regardless of the technology that evolves or the innovations that come about, we’re still doing what we do best. Listen, create and deliver great content. The only difference is the way we do it. Cloud based software, studio grade hardware, a lot less crew and they’re wearing masks.

This is different than the “Kit Solution” we’ve also deployed. It could also be incorporated into hybrid production. The “Kit Solution” is the one where we send the subject or talent a camera kit with instructions, and then we guide them through setting up the shot and viewing the session live on a Zoom call.

The other day I overheard a client in the studio saying ” I’m so glad I’m not doing this at home alone with those kits they send out. I’m so glad I can just come by here and you take care of it all” I just smiled.

Since video is so accessible and the technical bar has been lowered so much, the notion of quality video production as a honed craft has gone by the wayside. Granted there is a place for shooting from the hip with your iPhone and it’s content that’s here and then gone.

Furthermore, the ROI of well created stories, on target messaging and high production values far outweighs the immediacy of shooting from the hip or even productions done down and dirty.

In conclusion, hybrid production has taken elements of both camps. It has created a solution that solves a few inherent problems with congregating for a production. It keeps people distanced, it doesn’t require air travel, but it allows people from far away places to come together either live or recorded to build a great production.

If you’d like to learn more, let me know. Thank you for reading.