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Tech Reviewer Garage: A Bakerbuilt Works Project. “Our goal is to continue testing, researching, and reviewing the latest tech in this multi-media approach. We can then provide a trustworthy platform for our clients’ products to be displayed and discussed.” Daniel A. Cardenas, President, Sierra Media | Bakerbuilt Works

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The Inspiration Behind the Build

We work frequently with giants of tech. It’s always an interesting creative challenge to combine the art of marketing and storytelling with the nuts and bolts of a highly technical, numbers kind of world. A few years back we became really interested in the trend of fact-based marketing. It sounds a bit silly, I know because all marketing should be based on the truth. But fact-based marketing is more about using real data, instead of hyperbolic claims, to help tell the story of your product. 52% faster than the competition not only sounds more believable than “faster than ever” but it also makes your audience feel informed, rather than influenced. At Tech Reviewer Garage, fact-based, or evidence-based, marketing appeals to a customer’s desire to research and compare before making a purchase decision. It builds consumer confidence and, when done well, the facts we choose to highlight help brighten the prospect of a sale.

Intel-Windows Hello by BakerbuiltWorks

Why we write reviews at Tech Reviewer Garage?

As we dug deeper into the world of fact-based marketing, we came to value the importance of independent testing. Independent testing, and of course reviewing, can close the curious and sway the incredulous. There is a special, powerful quality to a recommendation. I could tell you how great I am all day long, but you’re not super likely to believe my claims. However, if someone else starts waxing poetic about my best qualities, you might be more inclined to listen. Here at the studio, we often test out the products we’re shooting just to better understand them and to find and explore their winning qualities. Our minds turned to take the casual and making it official.

So began Tech Reviewer Garage – a website built to help consumers make informed decisions about tech. Tech Reviewer Garage is a platform for all manner of tech reviews, from games to gear. To get started, we populated the site with a lot of research we’ve already done and documented from other projects.

Our Focus Today

We’re currently working on side-by-side comparisons of base-level vs. premium Chromebooks. You can see a simple “Time-to-Launch” test for the online game “War Robots” right now. We also knocked out a couple of solution briefs, using the data we’ve collected on Chromebooks to make a powerful argument for acquiring one. And, because we believe in the power of video, we took the time to film interviews with a few folks you might recognize. In the light of full transparency, these were commissioned by Intel.

Be a Part of Tech Reviewer Garage

Our goal is to continue testing, researching, and reviewing in this multi-media approach. We can then provide a trustworthy platform for our clients’ products to be displayed and discussed. Everything will be in our own voice and style, maintaining that third-party independence. You can then share our results on your own sites and socials, building more branches on your content tree.

Can your product stand up to some direct testing? Let’s find out!