videos for non-profits Bakerbuilt WorksRecently, we took on a very interesting year-long documentary project. As many of you might know we enjoy creating videos for non-profits. Over the years, we’ve supported Cocoon House and their mission to end teen homelessness in Snohomish County. Once again, we’re turning our cameras in their direction. The Colby Avenue Youth Center is the newest project for Cocoon House. The new facility will replace the Spirit of Grace United Methodist Church on 36th &¬†Colby in downtown Everett.

From ground down to ground up

Documenting a building project like this is a huge undertaking. We had the opportunity to create videos for non-profits. We’ll follow the story from demolishing an existing building through building a new one. Because the project is already in full swing, we have to play a bit of catch up. At the ground breaking ceremony, we got interviews with key players involved in the funding, design and building of the project, but there is a big need for great visuals to help tell the story.

Luckily the building contractor for the project is Kirtley-Cole, from right here in Everett. This promises to make things a lot easier while we’re working on this year-long project. Already, when it comes to accessing the building site during all phases of the project, the superintendent, Robert Bliss of Kirtley-Cole, has been very accommodating. Bliss has been both helpful and patient with this nosy film crew who’s hanging around looking for a good shot. He was kind enough to walk us through the bowels of this soon to be demolished building. We look forward to documenting the transformation as they construct a new home for Cocoon House.

There’s irony in the tearing down of a church to build a much needed facility for homeless youth in our community. This house served Everett for a lot of years, dedicated to saving souls. It’s fitting that the building replacing it is also destined to save the vulnerable, albeit on a much more practical level, giving our homeless youth a safe place to live. This promises to be an interesting journey. We’ll keep you updated!