Virtual Reality is more than just a novelty these days. Outside of the gaming world, businesses are finding new opportunities in this exciting technology. Our friends at Intel introduced us to a few of those businesses and we were able to create some great content to support their marketing efforts. Each has a unique take on leveraging VR to improve user experience in their fields.

Featured work Bakerbuilt Works Intel-Zerolight Featured work Bakerbuilt Works Intel-Zerolight

Automotive: VR Motion & ZeroLight

ZeroLight is an award-winning visualization studio focused on transforming the way we buy cars. VR Motion was likewise committed to disrupting the car shopping experience with new technology. Both companies were leveraging Virtual Reality to provide a unique buying experience specific to the automotive sector. Immersive mediums allow customers to interact with a potential vehicle purchase on a new level, changing color or other preset options with the click of a controller.

Of course a virtual showroom requires high-quality graphics delivered consistently and instantly. That takes a lot of power. ZeroLight and VR Motion both count on Intel processors to power their VR experiences. That’s why Intel asked us to create some fresh content that would engage those looking to learn more about VR for business. We decided on a combination approach, with two videos supported by an Intel branded solution brief that would further detail the Intel part of the story.

VR Motion

For the VR Motion story we worked with a dealership in Seattle. That allowed us to create a rich, realistic story of our car shopping couple taking advantage of the VR experience.


The ZeroLight video was shot in our studio, combining “real world” scenes we set up with green screen environments rendered digitally.

Education: Blausen Medical

Blausen Medical is the creator and curator of a vast library of scientific images and animations. Virtual Reality was a natural leap for them to take next. The Blausen Medical VR Classroom was developed as an immersive learning experience for aspiring medical professionals. VR gives students the opportunity to interact with three dimensional images of the anatomy they are studying, allowing for deeper understanding and appreciation.

Featured work Bakerbuilt Works Intel-Blausen

Blausen Medical VR Classroom

We crafted a short video about the VR Classroom, following a medical student taking advantage of this learning opportunity. We combined recorded video from within the program itself, as well as our own “real world” video film in our studio with a green screen, and some clutch graphic effects from resident GFX wizard, Travis. The goal was to give potential adopters a taste of the user experience to prompt them to learn more.