With smarter conference rooms, you get smarter meetings.

In this video we show how easy it is to use Intel Unite® and the Skype® for business plugin. Intel Unite promises to turn any space into a meeting room. The software runs on a NUC (mini-PC) powered by Intel Core vPro processor. The tiny, highly portable NUC can connect to all different devices and displays. This allows for easy, cross-platform collaboration and secure content sharing. 

Intel Unite can also be customized to your needs. With an Intel software developer kit and APT, plugins can be created and extend the capabilities even further. The Intel Unite App Showcase is already filled with industry specific and general use plugins available to download. However, one such offering is the Skype for Business plugin. This plugin broadens collaboration capabilities. It includes Skype users outside of the Intel Unite conference room. 

Collaborate quickly and securely with a single wireless interface.

That’s the power of Intel Unite. As a vast, global company, Intel understands that meetings take many forms, from structured events with dozens of attendees, to impulsive get-togethers to brainstorm or problem-solve. Intel Unite and skype for business was created to solve various hurdles that impeded efficiency in meetings of all kinds. Issues with connecting to technology, facilitating remote participation, and simply keeping track of all the required wires and dongles in a room meant wasted time and money.

Conference rooms equipped with an Intel NUC mini computer, featuring the Intel 7th Generation Core vPro processor technology. After that, with Intel Unite and Skype for Business software, support content sharing and instant collaboration with a single interface, unencumbered by wires or dongles.

More convenient meetings mean improved employee engagement and collaboration. Above all, this means cost savings for businesses of all sizes.

In conclusion, our goal with the video was simply to highlight these obvious benefits, while making it clear how effortlessly simple the solution would be to enact. Video allows us to get the message across in less than a minute. Because when we need to tell someone about new technology that’s going to make their life easier, we want to make the message easy to see, easy to hear, and easy to believe. Give us a call if you like what you see!