Intel Authenticate is a security tour de force for today’s BYOD, hyper-mobile workforce.  Citrix XenDesktop counts on the multi-factor security protocol to ensure global compliance for some of the most security-sensitive organizations in the world. After all, it’s only redundant if it’s not necessary. Safety first, as they say.

Content that Speaks to Everyone

We follow some of the same protocols around here. After all, if one piece of content is good, then multiple different pieces of content…well, that’s sublime. We used our own multi-factor approach to showcase Citrix’s “secure-by-design” system for IT management. From the simple to the complex, we offered an infographic, a solution brief, and a video (see above). 

Infographic, Brief, & Video

The infographic gives you the basics of Intel Authenticate at a glance, making it perfect for social sharing. We can distill the main value proposition (the why) as well as the basic functionality (the how) of multi-factor authentication into a single, simple image. Infographics are easy to share and easy to digest, which makes them great for including in emails, sharing on social platforms, or even adding to printed content. 


Citrix XenDesktop

With a solution brief we’re able to dive in and give a more complete picture of this powerful application. It can show how it bolsters security for a corporation’s mobile device users. “You can meet your needs for control, security and mobility with a client virtualization solution. This application built on Citrix® XenClient™ with laptops powered by Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors. Mobile workstyles are here, whether you’re ready or not. Citrix and Intel can help make sure that you are prepared.”

For those looking for a more dynamic path to everything we’ve learned, enjoy this brief video. It breaks it down in just over a minute. Infographics are a visual treat, and solution briefs are packed with detail. Although, a video can get to the heart of a technical matter with a perfect blend of thoroughness and speed. With this strategy, we leave the audience both engaged and informed.

Much like the three security requirements for XenDesk, each piece of content has its place in a technical marketing puzzle. That said, the video really completes the picture. Used together, this powerful content combination speaks to the broadest range of potential consumers. Inform, Entertain, Educate – those are the primary goals of technical marketing. Build awareness, build appreciation, and expand consumer knowledge – that all leads to more sales.