Intel Active Management Technology puts active control squarely in the hands of IT managers. AMT is the power to monitor, manage, and defend devices across the enterprise.

Intel Active Management Technology Enhances Remote Manageability

IT professionals are responsible for securing an increasingly large and diverse array of devices. Empowering both a mobile workforce (with varied technological savvy) is important. But so is supporting your network’s health and the IT professionals tasked with managing it all. Juggling that can be a challenge. Intel answers this with Active Management Technology, included as part of the Intel vPro Platform.

Intel AMT allows remote management of devices, regardless of their state or location. As long as the client system has a power source (even if it is powered off) and network connection, an operator can connect and remotely manage the system. Once configured, IT professions can view and solve a range of issues via the KVM remote control.

  • Monitor progress of a system rebuild
  • Collect hardware asset data
  • Reset forgotten passphrase or VPN
  • Provide temporary work environment
  • Reimage a system
  • Install updates in off-hours, on schedule

Time is Money

The ability to remotely diagnose and resolve issues can help reduce or avoid costly, time-consuming desk-side visits. According to on report, Intel AMT was able to reduce the cost of a repair from $187 to $60. That’s a savings of $127. For a large, geographically dispersed fleet of devices, those savings add up dramatically.

Safety in Numbers

Intel AMT can be enabled to wake devices at predefined times and dates. This feature can help ensure systems receive critical software updates and upgrades. Even if the device is powered down on a hotel room desk at 2am. This improves general compliance and reduces the risk of noncompliant systems being on the corporate network. That’s good for overall network security.

Increase efficiency and effectiveness using Intel Active Management Technology.