InCycle Cups are created by Microgreen Technologies in Arlington, WA. They are a recyclable single-use cup made from recycled plastic water bottles. This video case study shows how InCycle worked with a small local brewery to create the perfect branded, thermal, uncrackable beer cup.  Are you thirsty yet?

Emma Raquel head brewer at Ellersick Brewing talked with us about the InCycle cups.

“because we love the cups, we love the company” she said. There really excited about it and the relationship with Ellersick InCycle Cups.

It began summer of 2012.

We were preparing for our launch into Costco stores and doing a beta test with some marketing video production and decided we really needed a local customer. They could help us promote our product and it seemed like an easy relationship to build while building our knowledge in marketing video production. Especially, knowing that they were a brewery, and we were a cold cup. Our insulating properties were great for them when they approached us about this cup project, there was a common interest. It has been a positive experience they were working so hard to make the perfect product for our industry.

These cups were just a standard cup if you had the Red Solo cups, they were going to break.

There is nothing special about the Cup and if it cannot be in a glass, we would rather it be in this container. From the beginning the cups looked great, they felt great, everything about them was great! We had the thought that we wanted to reinforce our own brand. The question was then asked, “how hard would it be for you to logo the cups with our logo?” and it just made sense Ellersick wanted their name on the cup they wanted to brand and have it personalized. At that point we started printing their cups in house. It turned out to be a vibrant Cup the colors on it popped. This really represented the company. With no sweating in your hands, they are going to stay nice and warm while your beer stays cold.

recyclable made from recycled water bottles.

The beer makes the people happy, but they now know that it is also helping the environment. They now do not just make a better cup the technology allows the most recycled material in the world to also be the most versatile.

It is a breakthrough for the entire recycling industry we are excited.  

It is just a superior product in the industry and it really filled a need for the company that we did not even know we were lacking. Since our success with our partners, we have grown exponentially, and we have recently been adopted by the airlines. This is a whole new line of possibilities! Like what you see – Reach out!