In the works- January 2021. In this first edition I start with a reflection back to a post about a year ago, I started with something like ” It looks like this is how it’s going to be for a while….”  Well, I don’t need to tell you all that this is the way it is and we deal with it every day. More on In the works-January 2021, just like most of you, we’ve gotten into a routine that happens to work for us. Granted with all the precautions, safeguards, and policies in place, we are still creating great work for great clients that pushes the needle in the right direction. Thanks for keeping up with us here at Bakerbuilt Works. Let’s get to it. 


5 spots for a virtual CES 2021


BTS CES 2021 Bakerbuilt Works, Monthly update


Every year in mid-January, CES (Consumer Electronics Show) rolls into Las Vegas. This year, it was virtual. I’ve never attended the live show, but it seems like it’s an annual gig for us to create content for a variety of clients who are sharing their wares at this huge event. This year was no different. We’ve been working with Intel for the last few years as one of the only agencies to help with marketing Intel powered Chromebook. Typically we work in the areas of gaming on Chromebook, media apps and education. We were tasked to create several spots and we delivered. Albeit was with a skeleton crew, distanced, masked, except for talent.The client viewed a feed from the A camera via a web link and even at times with an iPhone. This is a process we’re getting pretty used to and it’s actually quite effecient


In the works-January 2021Virtual production in a box


Virtual production kit Bakerbuilt Works, Monthly update


In the works-January 2021, over the past year we’ve gotten pretty good at producing videos with either a VPK (virtual production kit), iPhones, or with a stripped down crew. We’ve learned a few things that work, and some that don’t. By far the best results for a virtual, hands off shoot, has been with the VPK we developed. The quality of the video is great, we have more control and the audio sounds good.


The kit is built around a great vlogging camera


The Canon EOS M50 with a flip out screen and a RODE GO wireless mic. The mic and all the accessories are available from our friends at DVE Store, right here in Everett. Ask for my buddy Joel.As with any production, doing a tech scout of the location via a FaceTime call is very helpful. The last thing I want to do is to virtually rearrange furniture 15 minutes into our scheduled production. Things to look for are lighting and of course what does the room sound like. If we have a little prep time we could have rearranged schedules and shot it in the quiet calm of his living room.


Virtual camera kit Canon M-50, Monthly update


One of the great things about his camera and HDMI link is that it also makes for a wonderful webcam for all those meetings we’re in. There’s lots on info out there on how to take your own personal webcam set up a few notches and using a larger format sensor camera is a great first start, along with upgrading your audio. In the works-January 2021, no need for those ridiculous external large diaphragm microphones that broadcasters use. Most late night TV hosts use them as props…  That’s it for now have a great rest of your week.



live streaming studio Bakerbuilt Works, Monthly update
Control room virtual studio


Create a live event or produce a product demo video from the comfort of your home office.


.Virtual events and productions are a win-win: They show respect for your safety and others and they keep you top of mind for your customers.  Learn More…..