Have you ever watched a gamer play his or her favorite video game? The intense graphics, the fast-paced movement, the interactive players, and the gunshots, bombs, grenades, explosions, it all keeps them glued to the screen. Their eyes are wide and they almost forget to blink. Completely immersed in the game, they’ve entered a new world and have become a part of the game itself.

A game’s “immersive content” has hooked them.

This is exactly what you want your viewer to feel like when they watch your video productions. I’m not implying that we’re going to incorporate guns, grenades, and explosions into each of our videos – but you want your audience to be drawn into the story being told through your videos.

When a person visits your website, you want them to be able to immerse themselves within your story. How better to do that than with a video? Show your audience your message through a moving, motivating video presentation, and you will connect with them by “immersing” them in your company’s brand story.

What is “Immersive Content” exactly?

Immersive content is content that absorbs the user, drawing them into personal, relatable experience and transforming them from a mere onlooker into an involved participant.

Yes, that’s the wordy, technical definition of immersive content – but in simpler terms, immersive content tells a story. It communicates a message, impresses a value, and conveys emotion. It keeps the viewer interested in what’s happening. It makes them curious – compels them to be glued to their screen, wondering what will happen next.

Big topic in the marketing world  on Immersive content

The subject of immersive content has become a huge topic in the marketing world these days. Businesses are constantly asking how to create an experience that will make people feel involved in the company. You’ve probably been asking the same question. These corporate marketing departments are realizing the power of video production. They’re beginning to see how video can create an immersive experience that surrounds the customer and makes them feel connected.

We’ve said before that people can only connect with what they can understand. In order to draw people into your company and help them understand it, you have to show them your story.

SierraMedia CTA Immersive contentBut show them in a real way. Be the company that is willing to be real with people, allowing them to saturate themselves with your story. Don’t be that kindergarten storyteller that comes to entertain; be the company who is willing to be real with people. People want to see your story for themselves, personally. Video gives them that chance. And, not only does it allow them to see it in real life, an effective video presentation immerses them in an experience that they won’t forget.

Take a cue from TV shows

Think about it as you engage in immersive content. Why do you think popular television shows are so popular? Some of these shows have been going for years and years – what’s the secret? It’s because the characters in the television series encapsulate, embody, and express emotions and feelings that people live out every day.

As people watch the episode, they’re not just entertained – they’re immersed in the lives of those characters, the situation, or the story being told. They feel the characters’ emotions along with them and soak up their experiences. By the end, they identify with the characters in a way that makes them feel connected to them. What’s more – they’re sure to come back next week.

Effective, creative video production can do the same thing. And that’s why we’re here.

Video production lets you really engage with people

Video that creates immersive content and evokes emotion, personality, character, and the style of your company. You can talk to your customers, show them what’s most important to your business, cause them to experience strong feelings about your values, and keep them on the edge of their seat, wanting to learn more. They will feel involved, touched, and motivated.

At the end of the day, it is immersive content through video production that causes your viewer to feel connected to your brand. That’s the power of video.