The versatility of video, it’s ability to effortlessly combine information and entertainment, is what makes video an invaluable marketing tool for all businesses. You could be the largest corporation in America, or the smallest backwoods start-up business in the Pacific Northwest, but video is still going to be an important tool in your marketing arsenal.

This is why we are so passionate about what we do at Sierra Media. We know that videos can be used to create a very real connection with the audience, a very tangible link between monitor or mobile device to the individual watching it. And thanks to the world wide web, videos are easier to access than ever before.

So, as we put in the creative sweat, so to speak, needed to provide your business with the final polished product, know that we are going to consider every possible method of making you the most effective and best targeted video possible. Some of those methods may include such options as the creative use of digital animation or live action filming. Or both.

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What is Live Action? What is Digital Animation?

Live action is the use of actual people and backgrounds during filming. This could involve filming a craft brewer as he explains his recipe for his special ales, or a computer-tech sitting in front of a white backdrop explaining his company’s latest tool.

Digital animation is the development of characters in a video through the use of computer animation. Rather than being live footage of actual people or objects, it’s created entirely digitally.

And naturally, of course, there can be a melding of these two styles, in which live footage and digital animation shake hands.

Points of Difference Between Digital Animation and Live Action:

Both styles of video creation take tons of effort and time, and both can create distinctly different results at the end. Understanding a couple of the points of difference between the styles can help you get a feel for what you’re going to be gunning for in your video creation.

Live Action:

Live action filming has an understandably more human element. The fact that live people are being filmed, their actual voices being caught, and all the nonverbal cues are being seen goes a long way in allowing audiences to connect with you video on a relational level.

The natural lighting, colors, and inherent drama of live film can be used to create dynamic videos that appeal to the soul in ways that digital creations simply cannot—unless you’re Pixar, Dreamworks or Disney, of course.

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Digital Animation:

Flexibility is one of animations greatest strengths. In fact, imagination is the only limit to digital animation—and we’ve got plenty of that. This means that digital animation may be used to communicate a message that would be difficult to portray using live action film. This is especially true for difficult concepts, such as the use of software tools or new cloud technology.

And of course, animation allows for creative hilarity. Why are animated films so incredibly popular? Digital animation allows the subjects of our videos to undergo predicaments, positions, and much more that actual humans could never endure.

Choosing Between Live Action and Digital Animation:

When you’re working to create a video, the first thing you and your video production crew will have to decide is whether or not your video will be digitally animated, live action, or even a combination of the two. The format of video creation that you choose will drive how the script is written and where the primary load of labor is placed. Whatever style chosen will take time and energy to create.

When considering what style to choose, your video production team will ask you these questions (or something along these lines).

Who is your target audience?

Knowing your target audience, including age, demographic, preferences, lifestyle, and even career choice is key in creating an effective video marketing tool. You need your video to motivate your audience by engaging them with the need to ‘buy’ whatever it is you are selling. That might be your brand as a whole, your services, your product, or even donations for a charity.

For example, if your target audience is young children, a purely animated video with bright colors, simple dialogue, and a clear message might be the best way for you to go. On the other hand, older audiences, especially those that are business focused, may find an animated film childish, and instead, will respond best to a purely live action video.

Then again, your audience may fall somewhere in between, and a blending of both digital and live action film will be the most effective for your video marketing campaign.

What is my message?

This is where your video production team will be able to get creative. As you work out the finer details of your message and your script is filled out, you will need to consider what style of shooting is going to fit your video message like a glove.

If you are a medical group that is seeking to reach out to help support and treat those struggling through cancer, chances are you’re going to need to opt for a purely live action film—like that we created for Providence Cancer Partnership. You’ll need real, raw footage of the victims faces, their daily activities, and the support from the nurses and staff. You’ll need real shots of real people caring in a real-life way about their cancer-patients. Digital animation won’t be able to capture the authentic humanity needed to inspire families struggling with cancer to find treatment with you.

An example of blending live action and digital can be seen in the video that we created for Emerald City Comicon. For this, we combined comic book-like animation with live action shots to capture the voice and feel of the event. This directly connected with the target audience, while creating a fun and engaging video. Check it out here.

Thinking Creatively:

The best part of being a video production company is that we are constantly, inevitably, being called upon to reach greater heights of creativity. Modestly, we’d say that we do pretty well with that. Of course, you are welcome to look at our sample videos for yourself and form your own opinion.

The reality is that, for every individual video that we are called upon to create, we have a limitless capacity to achieve it. Whatever we can’t film live, we can produce with digital animation. We can put businessmen at the peak of Mt. Everest, we can make normally stationary objects float in the air, and we could even put a t-rex in a suburban backyard.

Whatever it is that you need to make an incredible, effective, awe-inspiring video for your business, we’ve got all the tools, all the imagination, and all the excitement to create it with you.

Contact us today to schedule a face-to-face meeting with our founder and creative director, Daniel A. Cardenas.

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