On a typical day in the BakerBuilt Works office, there’s a lot going on. Each one of us could be working on a separate puzzle piece for different clients: writing scripts or solution briefs, overseeing voice-overs, or chatting on the phone getting the latest beta from a marketing client.

Production days are a different story. Learn how to make the most of those days when you have the undivided attention of BakerBuilt Works and the Sierra-Media studio.

The Problem of “Cost”

Our typical clients are busy people with sharp eyes on the bottom line. Marketing just seems to be one of those departments that companies know they need, but hate to spend money on. The same thing goes for video, to be honest. Everyone knows they need video, but many first-timers balk when they realize how much production can cost. Between creative, crew, and equipment…it’s a commitment. For those who have never worked closely with a production studio, it probably comes as a surprise that it takes as long as it does (and as many bodies as it does) to craft a “simple” two minute video.

Marketing IS Planning for More

Production day is…well, it’s a production, and we can’t make it cost any less than it does. What we can do, at BakerBuilt Works, is help you get the most out of the day (or days) of production, so that your marketing budget is well spent. We can do that in a couple of ways. First, by approaching the video production itself with careful, intentional planning, we can squeeze more of those production days. Secondly, by taking a holistic marketing approach, we can ensure that the video, surrounded by supportive collateral, has legs, and will travel.

I’ve been impressed, lately, with the increasingly thorough planning I’ve seen with regards to video and distribution. I feel like we’re turning a corner and getting away from the “I guess I need video” attitude and moving towards a “I need this video to mean this to this group,” which often ends in a need for multiple, directed versions of a single video concept, plus additional related content. Better planning + better execution = better results. That’s where BakerBuilt Works can help you really shine.

Marketing Add-ons to Consider BEFORE Production Begins

Consider this: In production, the actors/actresses are hired on a day rate (or half-day) which makes it important to use them efficiently. The same goes for your production crew. While the cameras are set up, the lights are ablaze, and the talent is available – what else could you get done?

Example 1: The Photo Shoot. If we’ve decided ahead of time that you’re going to need some solution briefs or articles written, why not use the actress from your video as the model for your photography? That maintains a visual consistency within the marketing campaign. Plus, if we can set it up concurrent with the video production, you don’t need to “rehire” your actress or location for another day. 

Example 2: The Subject Matter Expert. It can be difficult to schedule a great SME for the day. They are typically busy people. Take advantage of the time you have by letting us arrange some additional interview footage or even mini-training sessions you could use to support your sales staff. This will help with ROI.

Example 3: The Social Media Shorts. More and more, we’re seeing clients who are looking for multiple length versions of a single video. Especially popular are the 5-10 second social media teasers that can be used across media outlets to draw eyes for your longer video. 

When you’re looking at ROI, it can be tempting to limit the investment part of the equation. But making marketing count often requires a deep breath and a big leap. Anyone can make a little video and check off that box on their to-do list, but If you’re already willing to invest in a professional video production, why wouldn’t you invest a little more to get a LOT more in return?