In studio production at Bakerbuilt Works

How often do you create videos?

You’ve probably created a video if you’re in marketing or part of a marketing team. Whether for a product launch, a company overview, a sales presentation, or an event. How was the experience? Was it a nightmare? Did it take a lot longer and cost more than you expected? What do you think about the desired result? I bet you were proud of it. How did it turn out? Creating videos is a craft that has many facets, from messaging and scripting to casting, storyboarding, and planning. Then, have to do the lighting, sound recording, shooting, and editing. This is only the beginning!

Using in-house resources

If you’re part of a larger company and have a marketing department, you might have a dedicated video/content creator on staff. They’re probably really good at what they do and are brand savvy. In addition, they most likely have the latest tools and a capable camera to get the job done. Or maybe it’s so and so in another department. That creator works for every department in the company. And, if they’re considered a cost center, there’re only so many hours in the day.

Going out of house

When the time comes to step up your game or add support to the in-house creator, going out of house is a consideration. ( However, hiring an outside firm can be scary. Vetting companies is time-consuming, and just checking out demo reels has its limits. The main benefit of going with a well-established, experienced firm is the objectivity they bring to the project. Besides having the experience of working through a plethora of scenarios, they’ve probably produced a fair amount of work. Working with outside firms brings an outside perspective that an insider can easily miss, just like the proverbial ostrich with its head in the sand. You’re probably deep into the project, and it’s hard to stay objective.

What value do we bring

Consider us when you consider the upsides of working with an outside firm—efficiencies, vast experience, dependability, and objectivity. Let’s start a conversation! Vetting and commissioning a trusted outside firm takes time, and since you’ll probably be working fairly close together, it’d be advantageous to have a pleasant relationship. These qualities are beyond technical and creative prowess, great work, killer equipment, flexible crew, and dedicated staff. If you’re interested, email us directly.