More and more companies are deciding to hire a production company to create their videos. These are videos for product launches, tutorials and campaigns, as well as permanent website content like video FAQ pages. Typically they’re hosted on the standard variety of platforms, like YouTube, Vimeo, Brightcove and Wistia (more on platforms in another post). Since every business needs at least one good video, the question invariably comes down to whether that video can be made in house, or if it’s time to bring in the professionals.


Shooting Hop Documentary, directed by Daniel A. Cardenas

Here are the top five reasons to hire a production company.

  1. Let’s be honest, life is busy. Action lists and meetings quickly fill up the day, so hiring a production company is the easiest way to ensure your video doesn’t get put on the back-burner.
  1. In house production teams are flooded with projects. They’re usually pretty good at what they do, day in and day out. Unfortunately videos start to look the same. If you’re looking for a bit of secret sauce, or you want to take it up a notch, a hiring a reputable video production company with experience is the way to go. Will it cost you more? Probably, but what you get is value. That value includes your own peace of mind. Why not bring in someone in who will give you their undivided attention and focus on creating a great video for you?
  1. Video production takes time. You have your pre-production, which includes market research, information gathering, and seeing what competitors are doing. And then you get to scripting, storyboarding, hiring the right actors, location scouting etc. Then there’s the production itself. Scheduling, contingencies, set-ups, sound problems, any of these can railroad a production right into a wreck. Not to mention, post production where your video finally comes together. It always takes a lot longer than you think. And having someone whose only job is to edit your video carries a lot of weight. Letting someone else take on the responsibility can be a huge weight off your shoulders.

    That’s not all…

  1. Video production companies or studios exist just to make videos. That’s what they do. Which means they know what they are doing. No need to CC the entire company in the email chain declaring how far behind your team is. With a contracted video production team, your video is their highest priority. Sit back and relax. They’ve got your back.
  1. A video production company has the resources to handle multiple projects. Not to say your friend with the latest mirrorless camera and a motorized gimbal can’t get the job done, and even take some nice shots, but what happens when he gets a chance to shoot an awesome BC powder day and he disappears for a few days with your project on a hard drive? Do yourself a favor and hire a video production company you can trust to get the job done right. I’ll get into more about how to manage a production and what to expect when you do hire a production company. In the mean time, hit us up if you have any questions.