I live by the twist of the the old adage, “Practice makes perfect”. Practice makes permanent, and perfect practice makes perfect. There’s a good reason that these words of wisdom have stuck around for so long.

The message of the axiom is clear; smart hard work is the key to success. Practicing your skills, honing your abilities, creating something through your determination and labor—this is how success is won, and goals achieved.

Businesses that have a strong work ethic, as presented by their founders and CEO’s, are almost invariably at the top of their field. When brilliant minds, or even average minds, are able to focus themselves upon achieving a difficult goal and are willing to put in the time and sweat to achieve it, successful businesses are born.

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Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is reputed to regularly work 13 hour days, usually arriving at the office by 6am and infrequently leaving before 7pm. Being overseas does not stop him from constantly being on call for his employees, either, as he will answer phone calls and emails in the early morning hours.


Apple_gray_logoApple CEO Tim Cook has filled in the shoes of founder Steve Jobs admirably. Both men are noted for having incredible work ethic. Tim regularly labors into the night until the job is done and still manages to start early the next morning. Such hard work has paid off—Apple produces some of the most sought after and best quality technology available to consumers.


7e0e7eb2404638720189d7eb00beb082Nissan and Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn annually flies more than 150,000 miles, regularly works 65 hour weeks, and spends 48 hours in the air each month. His incredible work ethic and visionary business models have enabled him to run two of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world. Not only this, but he was able to save tanking Nissan by deploying a system that completely overhauled ineffective, ingrained practices—saving a company many thought irredeemable.
For every successful company, there was, at it’s founding, a group of people laboring to bring it to life. Their hard work resulted in successful businesses. The same is true for our video production company— a core group of people laboring to bring it to life.

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Work Hard, Work Smart

While there is undoubtedly a dire need for every venture to be augmented with hard work and ongoing labors, there is also a type of hard work that will pay off the most in the end.

Smart work.

Smart work is work performed when a task or series of tasks is accomplished in order of priority in the manner that will best fulfill the requirements while demanding the least amount of actual labor. The key to working smart is to allow yourself time to consider your list of to-do’s, prioritize them, and accomplish them in a the manner that is most time-efficient.

Take the time in the morning to write down a list of everything you need to accomplish that day. Number these in order of importance, keeping high priority items at the top and dropping low priority tasks to the bottom. Next, consider what each task will require of you. Tasks that require creativity and a fresh mind should be placed above tasks that can be accomplished more easily.

Additionally, it is more efficient to do a set of similar tasks at the same time, rather than spread them out throughout the day. Your brain is on the same track when doing similar tasks, right? Taking all of this into consideration, your schedule could end up looking something like this…

1. Create storyboard for client A
2. Write press release for local newspaper
3. Staff meeting at 10
4. Edit footage for client B
5. Email John
6. Email Nancy
7. Call potential client C

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By structuring your day in these ways, you will find that you are able to achieve your lists of tasks more easily, quickly, and effectively while providing the greatest return on your investment of time, money, and effort.

That’s how we’ve built our company. At Sierra Media, we set high standards for all employees regarding their performance. It’s our belief that as each member of our team works hard and works smart, we will be able to provide all of our clients with the best possible service available.

It’s why we love what we do. It’s why our clients love what we do for them.

Achieving Your Goals

As you join our client base, our founder Daniel A. Cardenas will meet with you to discuss your marketing needs. This is our opportunity to join together with you to work hard at promoting your brand story.

Of course, this is after all of our ‘smart work’. Before we can create anything, we must gather all the intricate details that will take your corporation to the next level. This means gathering important information about your customer base, your buyer personas, and capturing the unique and authentic voice of your business. From there, we can build you exactly what you need to help you succeed as a business.

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