Facing Reality

Addiction and homelessness are uncomfortable topics, not easily talked about. We look down on those who suffer – sometimes with sympathy, but rarely with empathy. More often, we just look away.

Recovery Café is a warm, welcoming spot for homeless people and recovering addicts to get a hot meal, counseling, and simply spend a few moments feeling safe and supported and part of a community.
But in a society that treats addiction (and homelessness) as a moral failing, a place like the Recovery Cafe can be a tough sell. When Everett’s Recovery café approached us to help them tell their story, I’ll admit we joined with some reluctance. Once we visited the café, however, and met both the people who run it and the people who rely on it, we were completely on board. We knew the best way to tell their story, was to let them tell it themselves.

Giving Voice to a Cause with VideoGiving Voice to a Cause with Video

Watch this video and meet a handful of people from diverse beginnings who journeyed – or are still traveling – across rough roads, and you’ll begin to understand the haven this simple café offers for people in all stages of recovery and the worth that holds for our town. Their stories are unique, but they bring home the importance of community for recovery and the pain of isolation.
These are human stories, touched with both failure and hope, and I encourage you to watch and listen with an open mind.

If, at the end, you’re inspired to learn more or donate to this remarkable café, visit: www.everettrecoverycafe.org