Sunset with a Field

Here is the calm before the storm. After this long weekend comes a mad rush of shopping, stressing and prepping; all the while, trying to wrap up the business year in style. But here, now, is the perfect time to pause, breathe, and be grateful for those friends and customers who make every trip around the sun an adventurous one. So thank you for every opportunity you’ve brought to our studio this year and in years past. We hope to always exceed your expectations for quality, value and service. 

The Gift of Grub

The holidays are filled with opportunities for entertaining and, of course, the potential for excess in all things gastronomical. Our resident chef Tony shares a quick, easy vegetarian chili that you can whip of for guests and leave everyone warm, full, and guilt-free. His secret ingredient is a game-changer to craft a thicker, creamier texture so your chili doesn’t just turn into bean soup. Not that there’s anything wrong with bean soup, mind you. It pairs well with a pint from our friends at Bale Breakers!

Think Globally, Drink Locally

And lastly, I just want to give a shout out to all of the amazing makers all around us. I’m going to make a conscious effort this season to look local first, when I’m spending my money. We’ve shot a few focus pieces on some breweries, distilleries, and craftsmen operating within our little corner of the PNW. You can watch those videos over at Northwest Live’s video channel: I hope they inspire you to try a new beer or beverage and throw your support to the small businesses that help neighborhoods and communities thrive.

Have a wonderful long weekend – Happy eating, and thanks for reading!