A multi-pronged launch campaign

The creation of a new product is no small feat. For Fluke, a company with a strong reputation for excellence, new product development is a lengthy, expensive process with extensive research and testing driving every improvement. That’s a great reason to go out with marketing support for the big launch. For the Fluke Networks FI-3100, a fiber inspection tool, we took a multi-pronged approach to get the word out.

The Teaser

Everyone loves a good trailer, right? When we filmed our long-form video, we made several teaser-length videos that Fluke could release across their social media channels to whet the appetite for this new product. This works to build interest and draw attention before the launch. For those actively shopping, it gives people a reason to wait a bit to buy the latest and greatest when it hits the market.


Featured work Bakerbuilt Works Fluke Networks

The Commercial

The full commercial runs about a minute and hits all the main value points for the new product. We filmed this on location, with all sensitivity to the delicate environment and specific security concerns in play at a data center.

Featured work Bakerbuilt Works Fluke Networks

The Training Video

Educational videos are a great tool for customers in the middle or end of the buying journey. These videos are straightforward to produce in our studio, with a focus on functionality over flare. They offer a lot of value to customers, which is critical to strong customer relationships and long-term brand loyalty. Educational/Training videos also serve to cement your brand’s position as an expert in your field.

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