There’s a revolution going on at Fluke Corporation, and we were part of it for the better part of 6 months.

It’s a revolution in the way test and measurement data is being shared and displayed and it’s through an app called Fluke Corporation – Fluke Connect App. Currently available on the iPhone and soon on Android, Fluke Corporation – Fluke Connect App connects an array of Fluke tools to this app so the user can save the measurements to a history and view trends over time all from his smartphone in the field. There is even two-way video phone communication that is a very innovative use of technology. We created a series of videos for the global launch, which was a huge success. Check it out here.

Fluke Connect Live shoot

We were approached by Fluke to create a story video showing the value proposition of such a revolutionary new product. Because of our deep understanding of the Fluke Brand and tools, we were trusted to create this with a minimal amount of input from our busy clients who were putting this global launch together.

Our compositing guru Travis Erdmann, has his work cut out for him as he had to clean up screens and even in some cases replaced them.

The fishing scene in the video was shot in Sultan on the Skykomish River last January in between snow flurries. When we went back to shoot a pick up scene in the spring, we almost got our actor arrested. Luckily there was no hook on the line—actually both times we shot the line had no hooks, so no fish were harmed in the production of this film—and the game warden who confronted us was understanding enough, even though he got calls from angry anglers who were jealous of the guy fishing on the Skykomish when it was closed to fishing. Anyway, the guy was able to get the plant back up and running using his Fluke Connect and still brought home some dinner.

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