Those are the best feelings ever.

At the end of last year, during the holiday break, a new customer contacted me on a recommendation from another customer.

It’s a good feeling and an honor to get a referral to a new customer from an existing one. It’s the kind of validity that happens pretty often.

Skagit Valley farm land

Skagit Valley farmland

The customer is a food safety consultant who works with farmers and food producers to navigate the certification process so they can sell to large retailers such as Costco and Trader Joe’s.

She needed a series of videos explaining the process, a place to put those videos, and some professional shots of her in the field. These are all things I felt very comfortable handling for her.

I got her a domain name, built a simple website, shot and edited ten videos of her, created a YouTube channel, and did some SEO on the videos from a list of keywords she gave me.

This is all just for a single food safety consultant. She needed some video of herself for an event she could not attend, but after chatting with her, I realized she needed a basic personal marketing package.

The production process

The shoot was planned for in a home in an uncluttered room that was bathed in natural light. I chose to use the question-and-answer format to comfort the clients’ nervousness. The shoot lasted several hours and then we went outside to shoot the on-location stills.

Since I shot with 2 cameras, creating a multi-cam project was a breeze and the edit was pretty straightforward.

Furthermore, I designed the website from a WordPress template and populated it with information provided by the client. The videos were uploaded to YouTube and embedded into the site. On the YouTube channel that was created, a list of keywords was added to each video, a simple almost automated process.

The project was fun, and she’s very pleased with the results.

Here’s from the client.

“Daniel Cardenas / Baker Built Works developed my website for my business and provided exceptional services in doing so, from start to finish, he was incredible to work with. I have received positive feedback, and added new clients for my consulting business!”

Over the weekend, I heard from her. She just secured a lucrative contract from a farmer up North, and now she’s completely booked for the whole year! This made my day. When we do a job that does its job, and I hear about it, it’s why I’m in business. Those are the best feelings ever.

Let’s talk if you know anyone who’s a consultant and needs some marketing tools or if you’re thinking of breaking out independently.